Do you want to trade Matcha from Matchacha?

Matcha latte is both photogenic and packed with antioxidants

That's why you should add it to your menu ;)

Sådan laver du Matcha latte

Du skal bruge:
2 tsk Matchapulver
1 dl 80 grader varmt vand
2 dl mælk (f.eks havre)


Smuk matcha latte fra Matchacha
Iced matcha latte fra Matchacha

Why should I offer my guests matcha?

Matcha's popularity is on the rise and the green superfood has gained a lot of traction among young consumers. Matcha tea and Matcha latte are "all over" Instagram and Tiktok, as the beautiful green drink is both photogenic and packed with antioxidants. For the health-conscious and quality-conscious cafe guest, matcha latte is a natural choice!

More than tea

Because of its powder form, matcha is incredibly versatile. You can therefore use matcha powder to, for example, offer beautiful and unique desserts, snacks and drinks. You can make everything from iced strawberry matcha latte to chia pudding with matcha to matcha bowls.

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Matcha from Matchacha

At Matchacha, we only sell organic ceremonial grade matcha from Japan, which is the highest quality. This can be seen in the beautiful intense color and can be tasted by the fact that the tea is round and gentle - and not bitter, as lower quality matcha often is. The reason why our matcha has a completely different taste to matcha of lower quality must, among other things, be found in the way the tea is grown and produced.

Our matcha from Japan is gently grown in the shade and when it is harvested, the stems and veins are removed, leaving only the best and juiciest parts of the leaves. The leaves are then briefly steamed to stop the fermentation. Finally, the dried leaves are ground into a very fine powder using a granite stone mill.

Smuk matcha latte med latte art på hvidt stof med to lijler