Who is behind Matchacha?

Nanna Svendsen og Nohr laver matcha på køkkenbordet derhjemme Nanna Svendsen og søn laver matcha på køkkenbordet

Matchacha is a company founded in 2022 that was born out of love for the beautiful green superfood powder.

It all started when I, Nanna Svendsen, was on maternity leave after the birth of my son. I drank endless amounts of coffee because of the few hours of interrupted sleep my son let me have. As I consumed more and more coffee, I could feel my body getting worse and worse. Often I could feel that my body was stressed by caffeine and over time I experienced restlessness, anxiety and heart palpitations, rather than getting the energy boost I needed. I started researching alternatives to my daily coffee intake. I came across Matcha again and again, which I had heard about before and tasted once - and was NOT a fan of. I thought it tasted like hay or grass, so I wasn't sold. However, I quickly learned that there is a huge difference in the taste of good and bad Matcha. So I decided to give it another go - this time with a good quality Matcha.

But where would I get it? And how could I know it was of good quality? I became very interested in Matcha and in my eagerness to learn more about the beautiful green superfood I came in contact with a Japanese tea master called Naoki Matsuo. I became much more knowledgeable about Matcha, and chose to order my first shipment of Matcha home from Japan for my girlfriend and I.

Importing quality Matcha from Japan thus started as a personal need, and has since developed into a webshop for others in the same situation as I was, at the beginning of 2022. The green superfood has gained inroads in large parts of the world, and while in Japan they have been drinking Matcha for the last 800 years, here in Denmark we are only really opening our eyes to the green powder - we would like to help spread that!