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We love the taste of Matcha. So the taste of GOOD MATCHA! There is a huge difference in the taste of good and bad Matcha, and we often find that people don't think they like Matcha because they may have tasted a poor quality Matcha with a bitter aftertaste of 'hay' or 'grass'. But good Matcha does not taste bitter - it is more like a little sweet. Our Matcha is of the highest quality - called Ceremonial grade , and the taste is round and creamy or slightly nutty.

That a Matcha is Ceremonial grade means that it is the quality of Matcha that is used in Japanese tea ceremonies. This means that it can be drunk clean - only Matcha and 80 degree warm water. We now prefer to drink our Matcha as a latte with our favorite oat milk.

Kvinde smager på varm kop Matcha fra Machacha


Due to its powder form, Matcha is easy to integrate into a daily routine. We love to drink Matcha in its traditional form as a hot latte, but we also often add it as a supplement to other drinks or foods. It can, for example, be in smoothies, protein shakes or in snacks and desserts. We also use Matcha in our DIY face masks and body scrubs. The high content of antioxidants is also brilliant for the skin, and can help inhibit cell degeneration that causes wrinkles, loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

The possibilities are endless and we LOVE experimenting with the beautiful green superfood! Some of our favorite experiments in the kitchen are this SUPER MATCHA LATTE or MATCHA ENERGY BALLS for an easy snack on the go. See all our recipes here .

Smuk grøn is Matcha Latte med matcha, mælk og isterninger
Grønne Matcha kager med blåbær

Stable and extended energy

One of the benefits of Matcha, and one of the reasons we at Matchacha fell in love with Matcha in the first place, is because of the natural energy boost that Matcha gives us. For us, Matcha became a healthier caffeine alternative to coffee, as the combination of the natural content of caffeine and the high content of the amino acid L-theanine in Matcha provides a stable and prolonged boost. Matcha releases energy gradually, and thereby we avoid the unpleasant feelings of overstimulation and nervousness that coffee sometimes provoked in us.

Smuk grøn kop Matcha i fokus. Kvinde rører i koppen.
4. Benefit of Matcha

Calmness and mental clarity

Matcha was for approx. 800 years ago popular with Zen Buddhist monks because the drink helped them stay focused during their hour-long meditations. The Zen Buddhist monk Eisai called the state after drinking Matcha “calm alertness,” and described how Matcha helped him and the other monks create a focused state of mind of calmness and mental clarity.

The actual ritual of making a good cup of Matcha is also for us an opportunity for a quiet and pleasant moment. In our everyday life filled with social media, endless impressions and distractions, we need moments of calm and reflection. Both preparing and making our Matcha and then enjoying the beautiful drink is a valued respite for us - preferably a few times a day.

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