Matcha Products - Your guide to the world of green tea

From the tea you drink to the utensils you use, every single part of the Matcha experience is meticulous
thought out. Whether you are new to the world of Matcha or you are a seasoned tea lover, there is a wide range of Matcha products available to help you enjoy this fascinating green tea to the fullest.

Drinking Matcha is therefore more than just a tea break; it is a ritual and sensory experience that may require some special equipment. On this page you will be able to find the various Matcha products that can help you get the most out of your Matcha experience.

Matcha tea

There are different qualities of Matcha tea for different purposes. Ceremonial Grade Matcha is it
highest quality, and it is traditionally used in tea ceremonies. It has a sweet, delicate taste and a
velvety texture, which makes it ideal for both drinking and cooking.

Matcha tea set

A Matcha tea set is a great investment for anyone who wants to explore the world of Matcha. Our set includes a bowl (chawan), a bamboo spoon (chashaku) for measuring Matcha, and a bamboo whisk (chasen) for mixing Matcha with water. Finally, our set includes a ceramic holder for your bamboo whisk (chasen-tate). This ensures that your whisk lasts longer - that it dries optimally and keeps its shape.

We also offer matcha starter kits, which do not contain all the parts from the full kit, but can be a way to try matcha.

Matcha bamboo whisk, bamboo holder and spoon

A chasen, or bamboo whisk, is essential to making the perfect cup of Matcha. It is used to mix the Matcha powder with water to create a creamy, frothy texture. A ceramic holder
is a useful piece of hardware that helps maintain the shape of your chaser when not in use, extending its life. A chashaku, or Matcha spoon, is a bamboo spoon designed to measure the perfect amount of Matcha powder. It is bent at a specific angle to help transfer the Matcha powder from the container to the bowl without spillage.

Matcha bowls

Although traditional Matcha bowls are made of ceramic, glass bowls have become popular for their modern aesthetic. They are also handy as they make it easier to see if the Matcha is mixed correctly. However, the traditional Matcha bowls, or chawans, are always ceramic bowls that are special
designed for mixing and drinking Matcha. They are wider than regular tea cups, which makes it
easier to mix Matcha with the whisk.